Friday, March 29, 2013

Parents advised to keep children home temporarily

The Star, Friday March 29, 2013


PARENTS have been advised to temporarily stop sending their children to a kindergarten in Taman Kajang Prima after five children were diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD).

This followed an isolated HFMD case in Kajang last week.

State Health Department director Datuk Dr Azman Abu Bakar said his team was already on the ground giving out pamphlets to parents whose children had been diagnosed with HFMD.

“Our health officers have talked to the parents and advised them not to send their children to school until a thorough investigation is made.

“We are investigating the matter and will visit the kindergarten to see what could have transmitted the HFMD.

“Then, we will talk to the kindergarten operator to see how we can avoid this from happening in the future.

“Our health officers will ensure that the kindergarten is throughly cleaned as it is now the school holidays and the building is empty.

“The final option is for the kindergarten to close its doors for a short period and not allow any children to be sent there until it is safe,” Dr Azman said.

Four districts in Selangor - Petaling, Klang, Gombak and Hulu Langat - have recorded the highest number of cases of HFMD.

“For 2013, 155 cases were reported in Selangor between Feb 24 to March 2.

“Now, it has increased to 179 cases throughout the state,” added Dr Azman.

Ragesh Rajendran said his six-year-old daughter Sanjyanaa, who was at the kindergarten in Taman Kajang Prima, had tested positive for HFMD last Sunday and was now recovering. He was thankful that the infection was not too serious and said the principal had told him there were two other cases reported at the kindergarten.

“When I went to the clinic here, the doctor told me there were five similar cases.

“My one-year-old nephew was diagnosed with HFMD on March 26 and had to be put immediately on drip at KPJ Kajang because it was a more serious case.

“The toddler is still in the hospital recovering. The kindergarten is still open despite the school holidays. I feel the Health Department should take stern action against the kindergarten operator and close it down temporarily until a thorough investigation is carried out,” he said.

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