Friday, March 29, 2013

Kajang Stadium often used for sports day and funfairs

The Star, Friday March 29, 2013

MENTION Kajang and the first thing that comes to mind is satay and sure enough there are a number of satay restaurants here, attracting both locals and outsiders.

One of the landmarks in the town is the Kajang Court Complex, Kajang Stadium and Kajang Prison.
Many football matches were held there in the 1960s and 1970s.

During the pre-war era, it was just a field with grass tennis courts and a clubhouse. It was only fenced up during the 1980s.

The police, military and schools would have their sports day at the stadium as it had an eight-lane 400m running track. It was also often rented to funfair operators.

Before its demolition in 2010, the stadium was locked most of the time and only used for football matches.

Now, the public can enter the stadium freely and children can play at the playground there.

The New Era College is also located in Kajang, opposite the KTM station.

Unfortunately, Kajang folk had to endure problems such as floods and landslides.

V. Pushotman, 66, who moved from Bangsar to Kajang more than 12 years ago, lamented about the high crime rate, traffic congestion in Kajang town and flashfloods.

According to the local authorities, there are still ongoing flood mitigation efforts at Sungai Jelok.
Parts of Kajang are involved in the MRT line construction.

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