Sunday, March 6, 2016

MPKj plans to consolidate disposal of industrial waste

The Star, Tuesday, 1 March 2016


KAJANG Municipal Council (MPKj) is in talks with factory associations to hire the council’s contractors to collect and dispose of their industrial waste.
MPKj president Mohd Sayuthi Bakar said factories usually hire their own contractors and they could not control where these contractors dispose of the waste.
“We are planning to have a pilot project in the industrial area in Balakong and hope to start in June,” he told reporters after chairing the full board meeting yesterday.
He added that the move is to control how and where the waste is disposed.
“This is so we can avoid contractors dumping industrial waste in illegal dumpsites,” he said. As for the fees, he said the contractors hired by MPKj will quote a price based on the amount of waste produced by the factories.
“Each factory will have to pay a different amount, according to how much waste they produce and it could be cheaper than hiring their own contractors,” he said.
However, he added that the project will take time to materialise as they need to give the factory owners time to agree with the suggestion.
“If more than 50% of the factories agree to hire our contractors, then we will start with the project,” he said.
He added that there will be a committee consisting of representatives from the factory associations and MPKj to monitor the contractors.

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