Monday, February 17, 2014

Kajang folk want elected rep to solve local issues

The Star, Monday February 17, 2014

Sungai Jelok overflowing its banks during the flash flood that hit Kajang town in May 2012. - filepix
Sungai Jelok overflowing its banks during the flash flood that hit Kajang town in May 2012. - filepix
PEOPLE in Kajang are hoping their new representative will bring some changes to the community.

Henry Lim, 35, said the age, gender and political background of the candidate did not matter.

“Whoever is elected in the by-election must be capable of resolving issues faced by the locals here.

“We do not care about politics. We want solutions to our immediate problems such as improving the infrastructure.

“There is no point harping on national issues when we cannot make ends meet.

“Every day we travel on roads with potholes and pass by clogged and smelly drains.

“It is worse when relatives and friends come down with dengue.

“If the government wants to improve our lives, it should look at basic issues,” lamented the morning market trader who also doubles up as a security guard at night to make ends meet.

Traders and people busy with their own business at Sungai Chua market in Kajang.
Traders and customers at the Sungai Chua market in Kajang.
Lim said there were many people who had to hold down two jobs or more to survive these days.

“Generally, wages are too low and not enough to meet our basic needs. Many young people, including university graduates, earn between RM1,000 and RM2,000 a month.

“A meal with meat costs a minimum of RM6, even at a hawker stall,” he said.

Lee Leng Lay, 50, said the government must give more attention to issues confronting the young.

The sundry goods trader said the price of goods as well as property even in small towns was getting too expensive nowadays.

“It is almost impossible for young people to buy a house without help from their parents.

“My son earns only about RM1,500 monthly. After paying for food, toll, rent and car loan, he has no money left to save.

“My daughter earns slightly more, but her salary is barely enough to cover her monthly expenses.

“How can they afford to buy a house when even a terrace house costs a few hundred thousand ringgit?” she said.

Worsening situation: S. Baskaran said one of the contributing factors to the flood at Jalan Bukit is the ongoing construction (left) by the Sewerage Services Department, as work spills over onto the road and silt from the site is washed into the drains.
Because Jalan Bukit is just a one-lane road, the problem is compounded during peak hour traffic when schoolchildren are dropped off and picked up from their schools, and passengers are dropped off or picked up at the Kajang KTM Station.- filepic
Lee said families with young children were facing an even tougher time.

“Imagine having to pay for the bus fare, daycare or babysitter services, and tuition fees,” she added.

Another Kajang resident, who preferred anonymity, said whoever got elected must be active on the ground in order to understand the people’s needs and problems.

He claimed he had never met Lee Chin Cheh, the Kajang assemblyman who resigned last month to pave the way for the March 23 by-election.

“I only know his face on the poster. I do not know his background at all,” he said of Chin Cheh, who is from PKR.

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