Sunday, April 21, 2013

At last, GE13 is here...let the battle begin

It was a shock for many Kajang people when PKR dropped YB Cikgu Lee. Many could not understand the reason for this as he has worked very hard for the last 5 years. I think many will vouch for this. What made it worse was the new guy is an unknown and not from Kajang. This guy will surely face a lot of unhappy residents and will need to come up with really good explanation and win the hearts of the locals.

On the other hand, MCA/BN has finally decided on Jeffrey Lee Ban Seng as the candidate. One thign for sure, one cannot say that he has not been working hard. In fact for the last year or so, he has maintained a very high profile locally and worked tirelessly. Maybe PKR/PR will face a tougher fight this time.

The whole town has been decorated fully with the various parties flags and banners. The nomination held at the Yu Hua School also had a carnival atmosphere and most importantly peaceful. This should be the right way to a proper democratic election. The right to vote freely and peacefully.

A facebook posting by the PAS YB for Hulu Langat who is defending his seat

A facebook posting on nomination day

A facebook posting on nomination day
Quite a few local residents tried to appeal the decision to drop YB Cikgu Lee through protests, letters of support and signature campaign. However, this did not work. Well, who says politics is fair all the time. I suppose you can't be perfect too.

A facebook posting before the nomination day
The MCA Hulu Langat headquarters has been gaily decorated although the building is not finishes. Anyhow, the building will also be torn down for the MRT project. One wonders why their buidling is the only one left standing presently. Special treatment, maybe?

Below are screenshots from The Sunday Star today to show the candidates within the Kajang/Hulu Langat area. Looks like Kajang has a 6 corner fight with Berjasa and 3 independent candidates. Mmm...interesting.

Also Semenyih would be interesting too with PSM going it alone. One wonders whether Arutchelvan will be luckier this time round. He has also worked very hard and seems to get good support too.

Until the next time, cheers.

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