Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Residents cry foul over smoke from factory

The Star, Tuesday May 14, 2013

Steam or smoke?: The factory in Bukit Angkat releasing smoke at night. Steam or smoke?: The factory in Bukit Angkat releasing smoke at night.
RESIDENTS of Taman Jade Hill in Kajang are upset over the smoke emitted by a nearby factory in Bukit Angkat.

They alleged that the smoke was visible only at night, when the factory was in operation.

Resident Peter Leong said they had complained to the Environment Department (DoE) and the Kajang Municipal Council about this problem but in vain.

“The smoke from the factory, which is located 1km away from our homes, is affecting us and causing haze and pollution.

“As the activities are carried out at night, we only see the emission then,” he said.

When contacted, the Depart-ment of Environment (DOE) clarified that the smoke allegedly emitted by the factory was actually from a nearby illegal dump site.

Selangor DOE director Siti Zaleha Ibrahim said following investigations, it was found that the smoke emitted was within the permissable level as stipulated by the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations, 1978.

“About the smoke emission at night, we found that the smoke was from an illegal dumpsite 500m from the factory, behind the Sungai Balak toll plaza.

“DOE has taken action against those responsible.

“Also, the distance between the factory, which is situated in the Bukit Angkat Industrial Area and Taman Jade Hill residences is 1.9km. This is in accordance with DOE’s “Guidelines on Siting and Zoning of Industries” she said.

“It was also found that the factory emits steam via its funnel which residents had claimed was smoke. It is actually white and not black as the contents consist of water and do not cause pollution.

“We will inform the residents about our findings,” she said.

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