Monday, May 6, 2013

GE13 : N25 Kajang - YB Lee Chin Cheh

Kajang's new assemblyman, YB Lee Chin Cheh's facebook is not active and I have taken some information and pictures from his FB page.

The screenshot of vote count which has information of the various polling stations. It looks very clearly that the Chinese areas voted for PKR whilst the Malay area vote was spilt.

What I found not to good was that he is already referring himself as YB although not sworn in yet. I hope his YB means Yang Berkhidmat and not Yang Berhormat only.

At least, he seemed to have the support from Cikgu Lee as photo below.

Anyway, we wish him luck and look forward to seeing him as often as we see Cikgu Lee around in Kajang.

Until the next time, cheers.

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