Monday, October 31, 2011

Tadika Seri Mekar Concert and Graduation 2011

On Sunday, 23 October 2011, Tadika Seri Mekar which is a Montessori Kindergarden held it's 12th Concert and Graduation at New Era College Auditorium. It was certainly an exciting day for the little ones as well as for the anxious and eager parents.

The theme of the concert was Children Around the Whole which will feature various types of dances from the various countries.

A view of the stage before the start.
Standing up for the National Anthem and Rukunegara.
To warm up, all get to do the chicken dance.
To start off the concert, there was the singing of the national anthem, Negaraku as well as the recital of the Rukun Negara. It's good that this is done also for the parents and attendees.

Next there was a speech by the princial, Ms Guilda Mok. She is a very dedicated teacher and the curriculum and standards taught at the school is very good.

Speech by the principal

Next is the graduation of the 6 year olds. This would be an exciting day for them and they will move on to a proper primary school next year.

Receiving their certificate.

Proudly showing their certs.
On with the show by the emcees, Daryl and Sarah.
There were a number of dances and acts by the various ages and as usual, the little ones are the cutest. Concerts like this are real hard work when you have to coax and look after so many little children.
Cowboy dance by the little ones.
African dance looking more like Flintstones.
Enthusiastic Spanish dance.
A poem by the drama class.
Mime act.
Performance by the music class.
Second half emcees.
A Jamaican dance.
A Russian dance.
A Mexican dance.
It's a small world and 1 Malaysia songs.
At the end of the concert, the Chairman of the school, Mr Gary Mok presented souvenirs to all the teachers who have worked very hard the whole year and also prepared for this concert.

The children all behaved very well and it was a great effort on the part of the teachers and students. We must also not forget the eager parents with their videos and cameras to record the proud moments of their offsprings.

Souvenirs for the teachers.

Kudos to the principal, teahcers and students are a job well done.

Until the next time, cheers.

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