Thursday, February 28, 2013

Underperforming cleaning contractors will be terminated, says MPKj

The Star, Thursday February 28, 2013


SINCE February last year, the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) has terminated five out of 67 public cleaning contractors and seven out of 47 waste collection contractors.

At the council’s monthly public complaints monitoring meeting on Tuesday, MPKj president Datuk Hassan Nawawi Abdul Rahman said it was a case of “three strikes and you’re out”.

“They are given 10 hours to rectify the problem in their zones. Under-performing contractors will get a ‘notice to correct’ (NTC) and their services will be terminated after the third NTC,” he said.

He added that contractors were also required to erect two signboards bearing their contact details and waste collection schedules. However, only four out of 47 contractors had complied so far.

Taking matters into its own hands, the council will erect the signboards and the cost will be deducted from the contractors’ fees.

“To prevent perpetrators from placing advertisements illegally, the signboards will be constructed at 2.13m in height,” he said.

The use of non-stick paint on signboards to curb the illegal placement of advertisement stickers has been stopped as the cost is too high.

“We have spent RM36,000 so far. The problem has lessened but we are still unable to solve the problem 100%,” he said.

Councillor Lee Learn Eng highlighted the lack of public cleaning work from Jalan Wan Siew to Section 7, Bandar Baru Bangi and from Jalan Pasir Emas to Apartment Sri Ros.

“To my knowledge, the contractors’ payments have been reduced, and this signifies their poor performance,” he said.

According to the council’s monthly report, it had solved 1,084 complaints of the 1,614 received. Complaints on roads topped the list, followed by faulty street lights and rubbish.

The council has also received 119 complaints on stray dogs and one on crows.

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